Some Of Our Great Features

FREE Things We Offer
FREE Groups
FREE Classified Advertizing
FREE Mesh Uploads
FREE Texture Uploads
FREE Events Listings
FREE Apartments & Homes with land (350 Prims)
FREE Land Lots (435 prims) Shores Haven & Oasis
FREE Shops for Creators (250 Prims) Price is FREE just click the box outside the building once every 30 days to keep your unit (WestWorldGrid Town)
Money Transactions
BUY Tbucks via your Members Area
CASHOUTS - You can cashout anytime.
Cashouts are done 1 time per week.
You can request cashout via your Members Area.
Our Currency - Tbucks
Tbuck Value - $T 400 = $1.00 US Dollar

Gloebits Currency
Currently available Inworld on the Gloebits Regions. This means that as a merchant you can sell your goods under a common currency and take your purchase back to your home grid. Gloebit region is open to all, whether a hypergator or resident of WestWorldGrid and you have a Gloebit account.
Gloebit exchange rate
1 USD = approximately 200 Gloebits

Click here
to sign up for or into your Gloebit account.

Other Great Things WestWorldGrid Offers

  • NO Setup Fees on Regions
  • Region Referral Program
  • Partnerships
  • Hypergrid Traveling
  • Gender Script for Creators
  • Bullet Physics & ODE Physics & Uode Physics
  • Running OpenSim Software Release
  • Offline Messaging
  • Offline IM
  • Offline Group Notices
  • Members Area
  • Weekly Oar/Database Backups
  • NPC's Enabled
  • MESH Enabled
  • Second Inventory (Stored Inventory) Enabled
  • VOICE Enabled
  • LSL & OS & OSSL Functions
  • Monthly Grid Meetings (Keeping You Updated)
  • WestWorldGrid Forums Area
  • Mentors Program - Contact Leslie Kling
  • Support Ticket System (Members Area)
  • Great Games Area --Table games, Slots, Etc.
    (Crown Royal Games Region)

We are always adding NEW things to WestWorld Grid. Check back often to see what's NEW.

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