What Does This Mean?

This means that other worlds can come visit WestWorldGrid through special gate (Stations). There are restrictions to having this Hypergate on WestWorldGrid.
1. Hypergate travelers are restircted to regions that have given permissions to allow travels to their region.
2. If a region does NOT have hypergate access that region is invisiable to hypergate travelers.
3. As a Hypergate traveler you cannot buy or take items from WestWorldGrid. The system will not allow that. (Hypergate people can Import their own items into WestWorldGrid as an XML but must script and build inworld - Export is also possible by XML but ONLY for items they create on WestWorldGrid)

WW HG Station :      WestWorldGridgrid.net:8002: WW HG Station

If you want to land on WestWorldGrid Center in OSgrid this is the address. (osGrid WestWorldGrid base)     hg.osgrid.org:80:WestWorldGrid

What's In It For WestWorldGrid Residents?

The great thing about hypergate visitors is we get people coming in to see what WestWorldGrid is all about.
Help build up our residents online.
Increases our unquie visitor count.
Have more people join us for events.
Gives a look at things people are doing on other worlds.


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